Chocolate – such a delicious, versatile treat. How appropriate that National Chocolate Lovers Month is in February, when we also celebrate Valentine’s Day!

In addition to red and pink flowers, hearts, and adorable stuffed animals, a timeless gift for your sweetheart that is sweet and comes from your heart is – chocolate.

Of course, you can gift the typical box of chocolate and call it a day, but homemade chocolates would make a unique and special gift!

A great way to celebrate is by making chocolates with your loved one. Just picture it – your favorite music tunes in the background, candles around you, and the two of you engaging in a fun and delicious creation of chocolates in shapes of hearts!

Or, maybe you’d like to surprise your partner with attractively packaged chocolates that you made, in his or her favorite flavor!

Whichever you choose to do, rest assured that Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks has you covered for all the ingredients you’ll need.

Start by picking your chocolate molds, such as Assorted Fancy Pieces, Flowers, Music Notes, Rose, Double Filigree Heart and other Heart Chocolate Molds.

As far as the chocolate itself, you won’t go wrong if you choose Clasen Wafers – easy to use quality chocolate perfect for dipping, candy making, and much more. No tempering is required.You’ll find that we have many flavors and colors of Clasen wafers, so just choose your favorites.

And how about some caramels to add complexity and richness to your homemade chocolate gift? Get Peter’s high quality caramel loaves – they are perfect for when you want melting caramels to use in baking and chocolate and candy making.

If you’d like a true gourmet chocolate experience, go for chocolate bars.At Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks we carry Peter’s chocolates, made using original Swiss formula, that are ideal for making any type of chocolate dessert.

Peter’s Blocks will deliciously enhance your Valentine’s creations - melt them down for making molded chocolates. For instance, Peter's Madison Milk Chocolate Block, a fine flavor balance of milk chocolate makes this product a natural for chocolate covered pretzels.

Peter's Chatham Milk Chocolate Block, the most intense chocolate flavor of all our milk chocolates, it is simply superlative – try it for your next homemade chocolates!

Chocolate blocks require tempering before you begin to work with them. Simple, step by step tempering instructions can be found here.

Now you can have fun creating homemade chocolates, strawberries or pretzel covered chocolates, or any other decadent chocolate delight!

Just imagine the happy look on your sweetheart’s, or your friend’s face, when they try one of your indulgent, yummy chocolate gifts from your heart!

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day and a Happy National Chocolate Month, everyone!

Oh, and chocolate lovers, do not despair – once February is over, there’ll be at least one chocolate-related holiday in every month.

Find Peter’s milk chocolate, Clasen wafers, chocolate molds and other Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks chocolate and candy gifts right here.

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