People just love to snack.

Whether snacking is a pick-me-up, a way to get recharged during busy schedules, or a yummy way to celebrate and reward ourselves for accomplishing a task – we get really excited even thinking about snacks!

Now, there are good for you snacks and the other snacks. So next time you reach out for an overly sugary or greasy snack to, let’s say, honor life's little victories, how about you go for some mini pretzel balls!

Pretzel balls are perfect on the go snack, and can also be a great addition to your salad or fruit, making it a more substantial meal. And, pretzel balls will wonderfully satisfy your “snack” tooth and help you feel "treated".

Besides being delicious and easy to consume, pretzels can be a healthy snack, as they contain a good amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Fiber offers protection against heart disease and helps improve bowel function, so munching on pretzel balls, and especially whole-wheat pretzels, will provide even more fiber.

Pretzels can be helpful in maintaining and even losing weight, because they are low in calories, yet make a yummy snack that many children and adults enjoy. They are also low in saturated and total fat, making them a good choice for those on special diets.

A healthy, balanced diet includes carbohydrates, so don’t feel guilty when snacking on mini pretzel balls – as long as you stay within a recommended amount, of course.

For strong bones and teeth, reduced blood pressure, healthy nerves and good blood coagulation, our body needs calcium, and pretzels will supply it. Calcium provides protection against colon cancer and osteoporosis, and with magnesium, also found in pretzels, it helps keep the cardiovascular system healthy. Another benefits of munching on pretzels is that calcium can help those who suffer from anxiety or depression.

That’s not all - pretzels also contain a good dose of the B vitamins.

Thiamine is needed for healthy nerves and helps in the normal development of children; Riboflavin contributes to better eyesight; Niacin aids in digestion; Pantothenic acid can prevent high cholesterol, and is a good antioxidant; and B-6 works to enhance immunity.

Pretzels also contain folic acid, which helps the body make healthy new cells, offers protection against anemia and can aid with leukemia, lowering homocysteine, and is given to pregnant women to prevent neural tube defects.

So now that you know about their health benefits, when you have cravings for something salty – go ahead and indulge a little in our Mini Pretzel Balls.

Pretzel balls have great taste and a bit of nostalgic air around them. Many will remember them from growing up, and, they haven’t been quite easy to find in stores in the past years.

The place you can surely count on when looking for the perfect crispy pretzel balls is right here, at Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks!

Our Mini Pretzel Balls are topped with just the right amount of salt. They are great on the go, for a game or movie night, and at any party. Also, there’s the Weaver's Pretzel Ball Yogurt & Chocolate Covered Mix Blend if you’d like to try something sweeter and less traditional.

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