With the warmer season approaching, many of us start thinking about and planning some great outdoor fun and adventures; maybe doing some al fresco dining, going hiking, or camping. What goes really well with camping? S’mores! The word “s’more” invokes images of childhood campfires, and you can probably see them right now - gooey marshmallow and melted chocolate gushing from between two graham crackers. Resisting a second, and another, helping is nearly impossible, such deliciousness calling for “some more” ~ and that’s where this popular treat’s name originates.

But when was this delicious campfire and backyard grill staple first created? The first known s’more recipe originated in a Girl Scout’s publication in 1927, titled “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts”. The dessert was credited to Loretta Scott Crew, and publications listed the treat as “Some Mores” until 1971.

How do you make a S'more? A handmade s’more starts with three ingredients: marshmallows, chocolate candy bars and graham crackers. Toast one or two marshmallows over the fire, and then layer them with small chocolate bar pieces between two graham cracker squares. While this traditional recipe tastes delicious as you camp out in the nature or even your own backyard, you can make this delectable dessert in the oven or microwave year round. Simply heat the marshmallows until they’re puffed and layer them with the other ingredients.

Traditional s’mores taste delicious, but ingredients such as white chocolate, peanut butter cups and chocolate graham crackers can add a tasty twist to the treat. Is your mouth watering yet for a delicious, messy s’more? Whether you enjoy the traditional version, an exotic recipe or your own unique S’mores, these desserts have been delighting taste buds for nearly 90 years and show no signs of stopping any time soon. Enjoy! 

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