We all look forward to spring; it brings soft warmth, blossom - scented air, and sweet Easter! However, for one company, everyone who works there, and for all the fans of their amazing products, this season is special and extra exciting. The Madelaine Chocolate Company, 65-year-old family-owned business, now celebrates a new beginning!

The Madelaine Chocolate Company, located in Rockaway Beach, NY, has been the largest employer on the Rockaway Peninsula.

Then Hurricane Sandy happened; the storm’s surging waters made waste of decades of hard and dedicated work, devastating the factory and destroying their inventory.

Unfortunately, this manufacturer of foiled seasonal and everyday chocolates who’s been a part of American life and tradition for so long, had to close its doors for about one year.

The company is on the road to recovery - hoping to return to full capacity within the next 12 months. At its peak, Madelaine was churning out 20 million pounds of its signature foil-wrapped chocolates annually.

The great news now is that they have restored their most challenging line to date! This completes their first year's recovery plan just in time for their rabbits to start hopping their way onto shelves. Hard work and dedication of so many people who are part of their story has paid off, and a great range of the Madelaine seasonal selection that we have all grown to love is available again!

And, since in celebration of Easter, we have a few specials here at Weaver Nuts Sweets and Snacks for you, why don’t you grab your basket and start your “egg hunt”. From Sitting Bunnies to Standing Rabbits, from Easter Lollies to Egg Pops and Egg Crates, those good quality and appealing looking chocolate novelties by Madelaine, have always been our #1 seller in the store at Easter time. 

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