At Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks, we are passionate about and dedicated to making our local customers happy, and after more than 35 years, we are excited to begin offering outstanding online bulk foods.

There are numerous benefits of buying in bulk, and we are here to show you that our bulk foods are the best way to guarantee yourself fresh and affordable products that arrive promptly on your doorstep.

Immediate benefits of buying bulk foods include cheaper pricing, paying less in shipping because you order less frequently, needing to stock up less frequently, etc.

1. Lower Costs

Pretty much all food costs less when you buy a larger size or choose to buy wholesale. The more you buy, the less each food item costs per unit price. Lack of individual packaging, labeling and advertising all lead to savings.

2. Less Waste

When you buy bulk, it requires less packaging, and less individual packaging means less waste. A study from Portland State University states that should all Americans switch to buying bulk food and other common items, tens of millions of pounds of trash would be saved from entering landfills each year. By buying bulk you too can contribute to reducing your environmental impact.

3. More Convenience

Customizable quantities allow you to purchase only what you need. When you buy bulk food, you can pick the exact amount of food you need - so you don’t end up throwing away, while it lets you stock up on items you might otherwise run out of frequently.

4.More Variety

You’ll often find greater variety when buying bulk than you would with packaged food on the shelves. Also, some items that can be hard to find can often be found online in bulk.

5. Quality and Freshness

Often, bulk food is fresher than certain pre-packaged food, as it has to be replenished more frequently than items meant to have a longer shelf life.

While there are many online sources for bulk foods, Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks is prepared to show you why we are superior to other online retailers. Our bulk department is a wonderful source for quality candy, grains, seeds, spices, and more.

The undeniable freshness of our products, our low prices, and attentive customer service, will prove our worthiness as your supplier of online bulk foods.

We invite you to start browsing our wide variety of online bulk foods today – you can even search our site by color.

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