While the notion of expressing one’s love on Valentine’s Day is basically the same, different countries have their own traditions for this beloved holiday.

Here in the United States the sweet tradition usually consists of some sort of heart-shaped box of assorted candies, while in Italy the traditional candy gift for Valentine’s Day is a chocolate-covered hazelnut called a Baci Perugina. The candy is accompanied with a small piece of paper that contains romantic poems in four different languages.

Much like the rest of the Western world, German cities adorn red colored decorations on Valentine’s Day – shops are seen selling roses, Valentine’s Day paraphernalia including chocolates, heart shaped candies, toys and cards.

But, in Germany there’s a tiny little addition to the whole charm of the occasion – a pig. Little pigs are seen offering flowers to couples or lying down on chocolate hearts. These pigs symbolize luck as well as lust.

Although the traditional Valentine’s Day is celebrated on Feb. 14, South Korea celebrates similar days of love on the 14th of every month.

Each monthly celebration has its own significance and traditions. The actual Valentine’s Day holiday tradition is for only women to be the givers of chocolate to their significant other and the following month it’s the men’s turn.Also, compared to other Eastern Asian countries, South Korea gives chocolate much more abundantly.

The people of Iraq have come up with Valentine’s Day traditions of their own. Some sections of Iraqi society, such as the Iraqi Kurds celebrate the day with the feast of love. A common tradition is the preservation of a red apple with cloves, which is said to bring prosperity and love.

Valentine’s Day is perhaps best witnessed and experienced in the Italian city of Verona, also known as the land of Romeo and Juliet.

Apart from the event themes on Shakespeare, the city on the whole builds an atmosphere of love and romance with gardens and vineyards that look straight out of the Renaissance, boutiques, beautifully lit restaurants and decorated cobblestone streets, with lots of lovely food and drinks to celebrate love.

Symbolizing the cosmopolitan culture of Singapore, Valentine’s Day celebrations in the country are mix of old traditions and modern twists. The day coincides with celebrations of the Chinese New Year.

On the 15th day of the festivities, unmarried women gather at night on the banks of the Singapore River to throw Mandarin oranges into it, hoping to find their soul mates.

The day is celebrated with great fan-fare, with couples as well as singles enjoying themselves, indulging in food and drink with family and friends.

Valentine’s traditions in the United States and Australia are quite similar – the day is celebrated with great excitement, and people, especially the youth, spend a fair share of money on giving gifts to their loved ones.

Many streets and offices are decorated with romantic confectionery and the atmosphere is extremely lively. The trend is very similar in the United Kingdom – heart shaped candies, gifts and valentine’s cards signify love and affection.

However, in some parts of the UK a few old traditions still prevail. One of the traditions finds mention even in Shakespeare’s play Hamlet as well – the tradition says that the first man a woman saw on Valentine’s Day would be one she would marry.

Women would wake up a few hours before sunrise on the day and wait at their balconies for the man to pass. Such traditions are now mostly part of British folklore, but some communities continue to believe in them even today.

One thing is for sure: wine, champagne, candy boxes, chocolates and other romantic gifts have become a must!

And with Valentine's Day right around the corner, here are some sweet indulgences from our family for you and your loved one to ENJOY!

Happy Valentines Day!

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