Chia seeds seem to be comfortably finding their spot in more and more homes across the globe. Native to South America and used for so many centuries, chia is now becoming well known in other cultures around the world, due to its many health benefits and uses in cooking.

black chia seed

Who would have thought that these tiny seeds are actually superfoods! Here are just a few top reasons why you should bring chia seeds into your life right now:

1.High in omega-3 fatty acids and minerals

2.Excellent source of fiber and antioxidants

3.Improve digestive health

4.Boost metabolism

5.Regulate insulin in the blood and lower cholesterol

We are becoming increasingly aware of the impact food has on our wellbeing and health, and incorporating healthy choices into our daily diet has become a big focus nowadays.

Turns out, chia seeds are not only super healthy, they are also super easy to incorporate into your eating habits!

So, let’s look at some really easy ways you can actually do something very good for your health – by simply enhancing your favorite dishes with lovely and beneficial black chia seeds:

1.Add to your pancake or waffle batter before you make them

2.Sprinkle onto your oatmeal or cereal

3.Add to muffins, cookies, or brownies

4.Blend in with your smoothie

5.Add to stir fry veggies

6.Sprinkle over chicken Alfredo or any other chicken dish

7.Add to quinoa or rice dishes

8.Sprinkle over your salad

9.Mix with honey and lime for a yummy fruit salad dressing

10. Finally, how about some chia enhanced mac & cheese?

Another amazing quality of chia seeds is that they won’t really change the way the food tastes, but will add a bit of a nice crunch to it, meaning that you can practically add them to any food!

At Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks, we understand the benefits of these little seeds and offer a great selection of quality white or black chia seeds online.

Now that you know why chia seeds are good for you, and they’re easy to use, there’s one more bonus to eating chia seeds - they are low in calories!

So, get your bag of chia today and start sprinkling and creating healthier versions of your favorite foods with these magical tiny seeds.

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