Who doesn’t have a favorite candy, chocolate, or snack? From our early childhood years all the way to our older days - when we, by the way, get to unapologetically enjoy the kid in us - we are on a quest of finding the best little treat to satisfy our sweet or savory tooth. We pick our favorite, then sometimes our tastes change, and also there are all these new products we hear about.

So, sourcing and offering a wide selection of delicious, fun, and unique candies, gourmet snacks, and delightful chocolates is what we do with pride and enthusiasm – because we understand the need for variety.

At Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks, we are all about quality and selection. Offering vast choices and high quality sweets, nuts, snacks, coffee, tea and more has been our passion for many years.

Now, if you’re a chocolate aficionado and an avid chocolate lover – you’ve landed at your perfect chocolate destination!

Our best seller, as well as our fans’ favorite section, is definitely chocolate; yes, everything that has chocolate linked to it. It’s not just the great selection that we have; it’s also the fresh approach to gourmet chocolates – as we offer high quality chocolate at a low and affordable price, so everyone can enjoy them.

Unlike your hometown grocery store, we give you excellent chocolate offerings that are both great tasting and have a great price!

From chocolate in blocks to chocolate chips and wafers, from many different colors and various shapes to different flavors, our gourmet chocolates of various cacao levels will never disappoint you. Select ready-to-enjoy products or find luxurious coating chocolates for your own chocolate creations.

At Weaver Nut we work with local and national high-quality chocolate manufactures to bring you the excellence and the variety. Rest assured the gourmet chocolates we sell are fresh, delicious and glossy, because they have a very quick turnaround. And, we can pass the savings on to you since we buy large amounts of gourmet chocolates from the manufacturers.

Among many delicious varieties of chocolate, we’d like to highlight Madelaine Chocolate Company - Sharing Every Chocolate Moment, since 1949.

Their commitment is to ensure that the flavor or quality of their products never get compromised, as they continue their dedication to perfecting the superior taste and quality of their chocolate.

Using the finest quality chocolate, innovative shapes and unique Italian foils, Madelaine Chocolate helps make every moment special - from holidays and birthdays, to Easter, Valentine’s and graduations – their sweet products enrich the lives of so many.

Madelaine Chocolate Company is proud to say they’re an American family-owned and run company, producing chocolates solely in New York and being part of the American family life for 60 years. The company started in 1949, by brothers-in-law, Henry Kaye and Jack Gold, in a small loft space in Lower New York City.

The name was born out of Henry and Jack’s desire for their company to have “an air of quality and sophistication”, and Henry actually loved the elegance and beauty of a popular Hollywood actress of the time.

While traveling to Europe for business, they discovered new mold designs and techniques in the Netherlands, and in Italy they found the beautiful foils that are still used today. So, in 1952, they decided to use their extensive knowledge to start making less serious, yet equally excellent chocolate – in new, fun shapes.

In 1954, Henry and Jack ventured in a new direction and began producing mini chocolate eggs in brightly colored foils. Demand for their fine tasting chocolate expanded, and they moved to a larger factory in Brooklyn. By 1967 they outgrew it and arrived at their current site in Queens, New York.

As Madelaine Chocolates Company’s reputation as fine novelty chocolate makers grew, so did their creativity in mold shapes and designs, and, almost seven decades later, they are as passionate about offering amazing chocolate items today as Henry and Jack once were!

Take their Madelaine Pure Chocolate Flower Shaped Foil Wrapped Pansies, for instance – beautifully designed Italian foil enrobes each smooth and delicious chocolate piece. We find then to be perfectly lovely and festive for the Holiday season and any celebration!

You’ll be happy to know that at Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks you can find over 25 delicious varieties of Madelaine Chocolates!

Yes, these yummy chocolates are so good for any playful, elegant, romantic, and just because occasion, they make a wonderful gift, are perfect for parties, and as your loyal companion for on the go or on the coffee table! Now you see why we carry such a great assortment of Madelaine Chocolates!

Select your favorite Madelaine Chocolates From Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks. 

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