There are many things that evoke a carefree spirit of summertime, such as outdoor activities and parties, and one of everyone’s favorite summertime treat - ice cream.

National Ice Cream Day is celebrated each year on the 3rd Sunday in July and is a part of National Ice Cream Month. This day is a fun celebration enjoyed with a bowl, cup or cone filled with your favorite flavor of ice cream.

Even President Ronald Reagan recognized ice cream as a fun and nutritious food, so in 1984 he designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day.

Yes, it seems that ice cream brings a smile and lovely memories to most of us, and what better way to beat the scorching heat outside than with a scoop or two of this wonderful treat?

The only thing that could enhance this great experience is – ice cream toppings.

Whether your favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla, chocolate, or something fruity or all together different, toppings can add a whole new dimension to the richness of flavors and textures to your frozen treat.

Some of the most popular fixings include hot fudge, flavored syrups, sprinkles and a cherry on top.

With so many different combinations of syrup, candy, fruit, and nuts that you can add to your ice cream, and since the list of fixings is quite long - we thought we’d pick a few of our favorite toppings for ice cream to share with you:

Toasted Almond or Toasted Coconut Krunch Toppings will add an exciting crunch to your creamy, velvety ice cream – not to mention the yummy flavors.

If you’re a toffee lover - opt for Hershey's Heath Toffee Bits! You’ll love the little pieces of lush chocolate and toffee that melts in your mouth.

For something quite different and if you’re looking for a no sugar option – give Gimbals Sugar Free Orange and Cream Taffy Delight Chews a try! They pair deliciously with both vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

Peanut butter fans, here’s an amazing topping to adorn your ice cream withLinette Milk Chocolate Mini Peanut Butter Cups!

Also, there’s a whole world of assorted SprinklesDecorettes, and Nonpareils to choose from, count on Weaver Nut Sweets and Snacks for various flavors and colors. 

Yes, possibilities for creating awesome ice cream sundaes, truly, are endless!

Now, did you know that July is also National Picnic Month?

With the ice cream season in full swing, it’s also time to get outside to enjoy the open air, nature and - a picnic with family and friends!

Whether it’s a large gathering such as a company or church picnic, family-oriented or a more intimate occasion between the two of you - celebrate National Picnic Month with your favorite sweets, snacks and drinks, a straw picnic basket, a plaid blanket, and a Frisbee.

Enjoy the fresh air and great outdoors, toss football, play badminton or a fun game and work up an appetite!

For foodies who also love a healthy snack, we have a perfect option for you - Weaver Nut Vegetable Chips. Relish in these crunchy sweet potatoes, green beans, carrots, etc., on their own or with a dip of your choice.

Weaver's Bagel Nut N Pretzel Snack Mix is a go to savory treat for any party, as they are easy to munch on as you lounge on the picnic blanket, or in between your Frisbee games. 

For an exotic twist, try some Milan Spring Mix snacks – an Asian inspired mix of peanut flavored rice crackers, wasabi peas, and sesame sticks

To satisfy your sweet tooth, make sure your basket contains some candy such as Gourmet Individually Wrapped Gummy BearsRunk Candy Old Fashioned BB Bats Chocolate Wrapped, or a box of Candy Tech Assorted Flying Saucers with Tart Powder.

Finally, a picnic would not be complete without some refreshing and juicy watermelon!

Kids love taking a big bite out of a crescent shaped slice of watermelon, and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up. For a grown-up version, cut watermelon into a fruit salad, or simply chill watermelon cubes in advance for a sweet and invigorating picnic treat.

So this July remember to slow down and enjoy some (or lots of) ice cream and a fun picnic (or two) with the people you love - Happy National Picnic & National Ice Cream Month, everyone!

Join the summer cool and pick the best ice cream toppings and your favorite snacks and candies at Weaver Nut Sweets and Snacks.

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