Outdoor grilling is a fun, easy and healthy alternative to other forms of cooking, and summer time is a perfect season for it.

There’s something special and carefree about summertime cookouts and barbecues – people getting together to enjoy open air, each other’s company, refreshing drinks and delightful food. It’s a great way for the hosts to cook food and still be a part of the gathering of family and friends, not missing the party.

Grilling is also perfect for any summer day or night, regardless of the occasion, just so you can avoid the heat from the oven and stove inside your home. Another benefit of grilling is that it provides a healthy way to add distinctive flavors to your food without extra oils or fats.

The alfresco dining is all about flavors, location and lovely atmosphere, and most of us would rather prepare food outdoors on the grill during the warmer months, then inside on the stove.

One can have so much fun experimenting with grilling – from a simple hamburger or hot dog to elaborate roasts, from fish to vegetables and fruits.

Once you’ve selected fresh cuts of meat or seafood, think about what flavors you would like to bring out in your grilled meat, seafood, or even your grilled vegetables.

Creating flavorful food is an essential element to a successful cookout.

Whether you like your meat well done or tender and juicy, smoky, slightly savory, or spicy, this grilling season try something different - a new pellet flavor, dry rub, or marinade. It’s time to pick perfect spices and seasonings for rubs and marinades!

You could find many recipes nowadays to make your own rubs for grilling; yet, with a vast selection of already made, gourmet seasonings and rubs – wouldn’t you rather spend more time having fun with your friends and family?

Here are some delicious seasonings to try this summer, because awesome grilling needs awesome spices and herbs!

Texas Beef Rub

Weaver Gourmet’s Texas beef rub has a big, bold flavor that will make your roasts, steaks, ribs, and briskets taste just like they were prepared in the Lone Star State.

Texas Beef Rub has a big personality, featuring classic spices of Texas in a quality mix – all you have to do is simply rub on a generous amount on your beef and savor the gourmet results.

California Steak Rub

Our epicurean California steak rub will please everyone’s palate. Liberally sprinkle your steaks for a vibrant and bold flavor, or rub gently for a less assertive taste.

This gourmet seasoning lends smokiness, heat, and richness to the grilled meat, as garlic, cumin, chili powder, red pepper, and other spices come together. Rest assured your steak will come alive with Weaver Gourmet’s California steak rub.

Seafood Seasoning

Our Seafood Seasoning is a perfect example of how the right blend of fresh-tasting herbs and other flavors can beautifully enhance the taste of fresh seafood.

Weaver Gourmet’s seafood seasoning is the ticket to grilled fish heaven, whether it’s salmon, tuna, lobster or other seafood such as shrimp or clams. Once you try our perfect pairings of celery, garlic, lemon and vinegar, we’re confident you will agree that heart-healthy food from the sea has never tasted better.

And, don’t forget to include sweets when planning your cookout – your guests will love some delicious chocolate and candy after savory grilled dishes!

At Weaver Nut Snacks and Sweets we are passionate in our quest to bring freshly ground spices your way, as well as gourmet snacks, candies, and sweets.

Ready for an unforgettable grilling experience? Discover amazing spices, rubs and seasonings right here.

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