If you love coffee, like we do, you love to savor every sip of it, but also any piece of information that reveals your one cup (or more) a day not only keeps you awake and fully functioning for your daily activities, but also holds many benefits for your health.

Coffee is actually super packed with disease-fighting antioxidants, such as quinines and flavonoids. Coffee may lower your risk of type II diabetes, stroke, Parkinson’s, protect you from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and fight depression and elevate your mood. Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of some types of cancer, and a recent report shows that four cups a day can reduce your risk of melanoma by 20 percent.

While it’s delicious, aromatic, and beneficial, coffee in excess can make some people jittery, anxious, cause an upset stomach, and impair sleep.

So, How Much Coffee Is Too Much Coffee?

Research has shown that up to 400 milligrams (mg) of caffeine a day seems to be the safe quantity for most healthy adults - that's roughly four cups of brewed coffee.

Still, it’s good to keep in mind that some people are more sensitive to caffeine than others, and even one cup of coffee can make them restless or affect their sleep. Also, it’s not the best choice for people with certain health conditions and those who take certain medications.

Decaf counted toward the women's daily totals, which is good news if too much caffeine makes you bounce off the walls, according to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Coffee expert Rob van Dam, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, indicated that him and his team have not seen a higher risk of death or disease in people who drank lots of coffee, as much as six cups a day, compared to those who did not have any. He further asserted that if you’re looking to protect your heart and extend your lifespan, the evidence points to drinking three to five regular size cups a day (that’s 8 fl. oz. per cup).

There are always exceptions, so stay away from coffee if you’re: pregnant, as caffeine can be harmful for fetal development, sensitive to caffeine, and, if by some chance, you simply don’t like the taste of coffee.

If you’re already a fan of coffee, your tolerance is likely to be higher than in those who don’t drink coffee at all. People who are not regular coffee drinkers tend to be more sensitive to its negative effects. Also, it can depend on your body mass, age, medication use and health conditions such as anxiety disorders.

While coffee may be safe for adults, it's certainly not a good idea to give it to children. For adolescents, instead of 400 mg - limit coffee intake to no more than 100 mg of caffeine per day.

If you're like most adults, caffeine is a part of your daily routine, and something you look forward to every morning.

Be mindful of your coffee intake, and remember to get premium coffee beans for your perfect cup of fresh brewed coffee.

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