Easter is just a hop away, and it’s time to think about Easter gifts and parties.

In addition to candy, at Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks, we are also passionate about crafts, and we love to have fun with little DIY projects and share cool ideas with our customers.

This year, celebrate Easter with some fun crafts and let your creativity soar!

We picked three fun looking and easy to make Easter craft ideas you can try. Pick one or all of them to try, and then let us know how it goes by posting a picture on our FB page!

1. Bunnies Fruit Kabobs!

Start with some bunny candies, wooden skewer sticks, and fresh fruit, preferably a variety of colors for more fun and flavor. Cut fruit into small pieces. Simply poke fruit and bunnies onto the sticks in any order you like. Display on a platter, and serve at your Easter parties!

Voila, you’ve just created colorful and delicious Bunnies Fruit Kabobs! Your sweet little bunnies can be Albanese Assorted Gummi Bunnies or Albanese Sweet Sanded Beeps Bunnies – find both candies online at WNSS.

2. Easter Eggs DIY Natural Dyes

Using food items and items from nature is a fun and easy way to make natural dye to color your own Easter eggs.

Photo source: chemistry.about.com

You can either add dyes to the eggs when boiling them, or dye the eggs after they have been hard-boiled. Boiling the dyes and eggs together is a lot faster, just be prepared to use several pans for different colors.

Here’s how you do it:

Place the eggs in a pan in a single layer, cover with water, and add approximately one teaspoon of vinegar (boiling the colors with vinegar will result in deeper colors).

Add the ingredients for natural dye - use more dye material for more eggs or for a more intense color, bring water to a boil, then reduce heat and simmer for 15 minutes. If you like the color, remove the eggs from the water; if not, remove the eggs from the liquid, strain the dye through a coffee filter (or the eggs will be speckled), and then cover the eggs with the filtered dye and let them remain in the refrigerator overnight.

So, for Red eggs, use lots of red onions skins (boiled); for Pink eggs, use beets; for Orange eggs, use cooked carrots and/or chili powder; for Green eggs, use spinach leaves (boiled), for Greenish Yellow eggs, use yellow delicious apple peels (boiled); for Lavender eggs, use small quantity of purple grape juice.

These are just some of the food items you can use, but there are more ideas you can find online at chemistry.about.com for natural dye for eggs.

Naturally dyed eggs will look gorgeous, but they will not be glossy; for the shiny effect, gently rub a bit of cooking oil onto the eggs once they are dry.

3. Easter Bunny in a Mason Jar

This is a sweet and lovely way to celebrate Easter – and such an adorable and easy to make gift!

Take a Mason jar, size of your choice, and fill the bottom with an assortment of Jelly Belly Solid Chocolate Foil Wrapped Eggs (you can also use Jelly Belly Pastel Bunny Corn or Jelly Belly Deluxe Easter Mix), and then place Sour Green Apple Rabbit Grass over them. On top of this little garden-alike patch, playfully add Asher's Milk Chocolate Easter Peanut Butter Bunny, or another lovely character from the Pals bunch.

Asher's Chocolate Peanut Butter Pals - chicks, ducks, and bunnies, will certainly make someone giddy!

Photo source: http://gilliangreding.typepad.com/

To complete this craft, simply tie a pastel colored ribbon around the neck of the jar, and if you like add a tag with a fun Easter message, or a sticker to the lid.

That was quite easy, wasn’t it? Yes, you’ve just mastered the art of some quick and simple, yet creative and fun Easter crafts!

Get playful with the Easter messages for your crafts; let them be funny, clever, silly or sweet as your imagination and occasion see fit! Now get your supplies, enter the spirit of Easter, and indulge a little in the delicious Easter candy along the way!

Happy Easter, happy crafting, and happy eating Easter candy, everyone! We look forward to seeing your photos on our Facebook page soon! 

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