So what fun things will Easter bring this season? What will kids discover during their exciting egg hunts? One of the inescapable parts of an Easter Sunday is heaps of candy stuffed inside Easter baskets. Jelly beans, chocolate-covered marshmallow bunnies, gummies, peeps, malted-chocolate eggs...

Nowadays, it seems like more and more people are also venturing forth with a creative approach. With the abundance of online recipes, even do-it-yourself videos, lots of families are having all kinds of Easter Candy Parties with their friends and their kids getting sweetly creative, and maybe a little messy – all part of the fun!

Do you have everything needed to “ Make Your Own” Coconut Cream Eggs, Peanut Butter Eggs, Butter Cream Eggs, or a healthier version - Fruit and Nut Eggs, in celebration of Easter?

From all kinds of different chocolates for melting to other must have ingredients to make the perfect sweet Easter creation, Weaver Nut has you covered.

Now, for the inevitable Easter Baskets and Boxes, we have all that’s needed to make them bright and colorful, fun and tasty! Browse our wide selection of candy as well as Easter Candy Boxes and Pads for Boxes.

Make sure you’re stocked up with Bunnies and other animal-shaped Gummies, Licorice Eggs, Candy Seashells, Jelly Bean Eggs and other Assorted and Gourmet Jelly Beans and Jelly Bellies; for an added element of “wow”, some Pearlescent Finish Jelly Beans may just do the trick!

Another great offering during Easter are good old Pez Easter Candy and the Assortment Counter Display to go with it.

And finally, to make this Easter Season even sweeter – we are running a 10% off on all melting chocolates during March to feed your creativity! 

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