This August, Rio de Janeiro hosts the Olympic Games, with10,500 athletes from 205 countries and myriad of sporting enthusiasts from around the world bringing their amazing energy to this South American country.

One of the big aspects of preparing for and staying fit and healthy during the Olympic Games is certainly food. Athletes often work with dietitians to ensure their diet is nutritious, and performance enhancing.

Different plans will work for different athletes, but one thing is for sure - this August, these hard working competitors are looking for the magic bullet to promote their talent and incredible potential.

On a typical day, most of us get enough energy by eating the diet of 2,000 - 2,500 calories (daily recommended intake), but elite athletes are different.

To optimize performance, these super sportsmen sometimes consume more than double the recommended daily intake of calories. Michael Phelps, a famous American competition swimmer who won 22 medals in three Olympiads, is well known for eating 12,000 calories in the training days before his race!

Not all of the Olympians are mega-eaters, but what do they eat?

A lot of them say that a few nights leading up to the big race, they tend to eat lots of pasta and other carb-rich food, but overall, their diet consists of balanced nutrients to

fuel their body properly.

Breakfast may consist of oatmeal with chia seeds, ground flaxseed, berries, raw almonds, or eggs with vegetables and some type of meat. Also, protein like peanut butter or sunflower butter on toast.

Right after the powerful morning workout, the body is most receptive to nutrients, so whey protein powder shake or superfood powder with protein shake will help recover the muscles and make them feel less fatigued later.

In between periods they often opt for a banana and peanut butter or almond butter on toast. As a snack many athletes will have veggies and a yogurt dip and a power bar.

For lunch, they’ll eat dishes like spinach salad with grilled chicken, walnuts, strawberries, goat cheese, a quinoa salad with greens and seeds, or garbanzo beans with tuna and some good fats like avocado. Lunch can also consist of a turkey sandwich or tacos with some kind of meat mixed in with carbs and veggies.

Dinner is a feast, and the most important thing is to eat good quality protein - such as big chicken pasta with salad, or a steak with sweet potatoes and veggies. Also, including omega-3s is of great importance, so salmon will be on the menu for many athletes.

And, a ton of water throughout the day, with little gummies, Shot Bloks, for some Olympians.

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