Lunch boxes should have lots of tasty, healthy, and fun snacks to keep kids going throughout the day.

So, fill up the containers with perfect-size portions for kids of a protein, some fruit(s) and vegetable(s), and surprise them with some treats – they will light up each time and look forward for more to come!

Here are some ‘must have’ snacks for lunches and after school activities that are both delicious and nourishing:

1. Lunchbox Surprise

Surprise your kid with a pack of wonderful Salted Mini Pretzel Balls - kids love the savory flavors and crunchiness of this snack!

Pretzel balls are bite size, and delicious, with a perfect amount of salt. Add some cheese cubes and apple slices in the lunch box, or to your kid’s favorite treat mix and trail mix, and voila – you have created a lovely back to school lunch!

For a sweeter version of a surprise lunch box, pack some Weaver's Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel Balls, or Weaver's Pretzel Ball Yogurt & Chocolate Covered Mix Blend, and put a smile on your kid’s face.

2. Weaver's Assorted Diced Dried Fruit Medley

A portion of Weaver’s power combo will give your kid a nice energy kick, and it tastes amazing!

A sun kissed medley of dried fruits, including Papaya, Mango, Apricot, Raisins, and Cranberry, will add a lovely sweetness and a bit of refreshment to your kid’s school day.

3. Sugar Alternative

If you are looking for a tasty yet sugar free snack to add to your kid’s lunch, opt for Sugar Free STEVIA Land Of The Gummies candy available in Bears, Gummy Worms, and Gummy Fruits.

These gummies are made from only the best ingredients, and make a great treat during long school days!

4. For The Sweet Tooth

Claeys Candy is a wonderful go to snack to quench a sweet craving at school.

This old fashioned hard candy is quite a novelty today, but at Weaver’s you will find them in many flavors, including Claeys Sugar Sanded Natural Lemon Drops, Clove Drops, Watermelon Drops, Green Apple Drops, and more.

So do not settle for boring or unhealthy snacks – choose from Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks’ wide variety of healthy, delicious savory and sweet products to please everyone’s palate.

Get Claeys Candy, pretzel balls, stevia gummy bears, snack mixes and more – you’ll even have an option of purchasing them without the expensive, fancy packaging, so you can pack them for your kids the way you want!

Come on over and stock up on yummy back to school and party snacks today:

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