100 Years Ago – The Most Popular Candies Of The 1920s

What is your favorite candy right now? Is it something that people will still be enjoying one hundred years from now? What were people enjoying if we go back one hundred years?

Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks has compiled a list of some of our favorite candies that people were enjoying in the 1920s. We even have an entire section dedicated to “Old Fashioned” candies that may take you, or an older relative, down memory lane.

Check them out today and be the one to start the trend of making what is old new again! Did your favorite candy make our list? Read on to find out!

1.  Black Cow Bite Size – This delicious caramel and chocolate treat sure is a blast from the past! Black Cow Bite Size candies were popular from the day they hit shelves in the 1920s and had even expanded into multiple different flavors. The favorite was always the chocolate, but this delectable treat also came in flavors like banana and orange, amongst others. Discontinued in 1998 they have been given new life and are once again a treat that old-timers adore and new candy lovers are discovering for the first time.

2.  Sugar Daddy – Sweetness on a stick! Sugar Daddy has been around since its original inception in 1925 getting its name we all know and love in 1932. A hard caramel candy on a stick much like a lollipop, the Sugar Daddy is known for its mouthwatering taste and iconic yellow and red packaging. A candy that has stood the test of time and been enjoyed by many generations, the Sugar Daddy will transport you to a simpler time and remind you why life is good!

3.  Charleston Chew – Classic. Sweet. Velvety. These are just some of the words that have been used to describe the Charleston Chew. Named after the popular 1920s dance, the Charleston Chew made its debut as a candy bar of rich vanilla nougat wrapped in a thin layer of chocolate. The delicious combination of chocolate and vanilla nougat will dance on your tastebuds and make its way to your heart and may even become your new favorite!

4.  PEZ – The only thing that is more challenging than figuring out which flavor PEZ you want is thinking about which dispenser you want to load up to eat them from! PEZ is a derivative of the German word PfeffErminZ, which means peppermint. Founded by Eduard Haas III in Austria, PEZ started off as a product to help people quit smoking but quickly become a globally known candy proving to be popular with both children and adults. The small brick-like candies were loaded into the convenient receptacle to make them easier to carry and more hygienic to dispense. Eventually, licensing was worked out to model the dispensers after famous characters like Popeye The Sailor, Mickey Mouse, and many more! How many different dispensers did you have growing up?

5.  Atkinson Mary Janes – Getting their start in 1914, Mary Janes are a confectionary combination of peanut butter and molasses that comes together in a taffy-like candy that is irresistible! Created by Charles Miller, they were named after his favorite aunt, Mary Jane. They rose to popularity in the 1920s and have been satisfying sweet tooths ever since. Originally sold as penny candy in dimes stores, these were both a flavorful and inexpensive snack that won over the hearts and mouths of everyone who tried them.

Check out our entire lineup of “Old Fashion” candies that will evoke a bit of nostalgia from yesteryears. Weaver Nuts Sweets & Snacks is proud to feature candies that span generations while conjuring old memories, and creating new ones. Check out our entire inventory of products online or stop into our retail store at 1925 West Main Street in Ephrata today to starting buying candies that will be popular 100 years from now, today!

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