Candy comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, textures and flavors, and if you’re looking for a dizzying array of candies of all sorts - we have them for you at the lowest possible price.

As you enter our website, can’t you almost hear the doorbell of the times past and the feel of a vintage candy store where bins of brightly colored candies are calling your name?

Welcome to Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks, a place where you can easily and sweetly overfill your shopping cart with all kinds of amazing bulk candy, at extremely low prices.

From old-fashioned candies, such as licorice, brittle and candy buttons, to the trendiest candies on the market, here you’ll find anything that your sweet tooth desires, as well as endless candy gift options.

Today we present the delicious Ferrara candies from the quality Ferrara Candy Co. line, as we focus on a few of our favorites that are sure to delight kids and kids at heart.

1. Jaw Breakers

Jaw breakers, also known as jaw busters or gobstoppers, are Ferrara Candy’s planetary orbs of candy that first hit the shelves in 1919.

This thrilling candy is super hard, designed to suck or lick and not bite into; it dissolves very slowly, making them very popular among children.

Ferrara Candy Jaw Breakers is gluten free and comes in two sizes of 1 LB packages: approximately 50 pieces, 3/4"- 1" in diameter, and assorted 80 or so pieces, 1/2" in diameter.

2. Atomic Fireballs

Nello Ferrara created the famous Atomic Fire Ball in 1954 – and it has been a popular candy ever since.

This original super intense cinnamon candy is a spicy treat like no other – just make sure you have a glass of water close by, as these sweets will set your mouth on fire!

Ferrara Candy Atomic Fireballs come in medium and small, each individually wrapped, and approximately 80 pieces per pound.

3. Lemon Heads

Experience the sweet power of sour!

Ferrara Candy Co. lemon heads feature a hard candy core inside a soft shell, and bursting with flavor.

Great for when you want to wake up your taste buds, they also make a wonderful wedding candy! Lemon heads are gluten free, and come in a 1 LB package of approximately 50 pieces.

4. Gum Drops

This classic candy has many followers – for all the good reasons!

Not only will this colorful candy surely please your palate, gumdrops are also used in baking, candy crafting, and cake and cupcake decorating.

Soft and chewy, this is a nostalgic candy. Ferrara Candy Co. gumdrops come in assorted flavors of cherry, orange, anise, lime, lemon and pineapple, in 1 LB package.

5. Cherry Juju Coins

Cherry juju coins are classic, old-fashioned, coin-shaped candies. Even though you can’t use them to buy anything, you can certainly use them to pay respect to your taste buds!

Ferrara Candy juju coins boast a vibrant red color, and are small, chewy, and a great pick-me-up any time during the day.

These yummy traditional and novel candies can sometimes be hard to find, but you’re on the right track – place your trust and buy Ferrara candy at the Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks online store.

Browse our exciting selection today and buy Ferrara Candy right here.

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