Just after the wonderful season of winter holidays leaves us to get cozy and warm with some winter stillness, new joyous celebrations await us – Valentine’s Day, just around the corner, and Easter, soon to follow.

As stores fill up with red and pink hearts, chocolates, flowers and cute looking stuffed animals, how about this Valentine’s Day you say it with a more creative and fun, yet equally SWEET expression?

Here are three heart-warming Valentine’s gifts that will be more unique, and bound to entice many smiles and make your loved one feel happy and giddy:

1. “You Are ‘Bear-y’ Special To Me”

Gummy bear candy lovers will adore this playful and thoughtful gift. They’ll find delicious sour sanded gummy bears with a tasty tart watermelon liquid filling in Blueberry, Green Apple, and Cherry flavors - packed in a reusable glass gift mug.

Each mug comes with a gift tag, warmly saying “You’re beary special to me”

This colorful mug bursting with yummy gummies makes a great gift for your loved one, as well as for your best friend or anyone else who holds a special place in your life!

2. “All My Kisses Are For You”

Ah, who doesn’t like sweet kisses! This loving gift comes in a reusable glass gift mug, filled with lovely Sweet Strawberry flavored ruby red lips with a white foam bottom.

Each mug has a gift tag sweetly saying “All my kisses are for you”!

3. “This Valentine’s I Give You My Heart”

And, now, a message that many are waiting to hear…

This gift is pure love and sweetness in a mug – with an amorous message: “This Valentine’s I give you my heart”. Sweet sanded red and pink Strawberry hearts dance in a reusable glass gift mug, waiting for your loved one to enjoy them!

This Valentine’s Day, give a gift that’s creative, playful, and sweetly personal.

Select your favorite Valentine’s Day Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks gift right here.

Then, not long after we’ve enjoyed the sweet Valentine’s, we’ll be looking to find some delightful gifts for Easter.

At that time of the year, we’ll be seeing pastel hues, bunnies and other toys and gifts springing everywhere.

So, again, why not choose more creative gifts this Easter holiday?

Here are three pretty Easter gifts that will make anyone smile:

1. “Bunny Food”

How sweet is this – gummy carrots in Orange flavor with green leaves in Lemon-Lime flavor, packed in a reusable glass gift mug with a message saying “Bunny Food”!

Land Of The Gummies Bunny Food Easter Gift Mug is a great gift for any gummy lover celebrating Easter!

2. “Egg-cited For Spring!”

This simply adorable looking gift consists of Yellow Banana Cupcakes topped with a Red Cherry, and Lavender Grape Cupcakes with a Red Cherry decorating the top of the cupcake. These yummy gummies are packed in a reusable glass gift mug and come with a gift tag saying: “Egg-cited for Spring!”

Land Of The Gummies Fruity Easter Cupcakes Easter Gift Mug is ideal for any cupcake and gummy candy lover!

3. “Sour Green Apple Rabbit Grass”

Here’s a really fun gift idea - sour sanded Green Apple licorice laces, packed in a reusable glass gift mug, with a gift tag saying: “Sour Green Apple Rabbit Grass”.

Land Of The Gummies Sour Green Apple Rabbit Grass Easter Gift Mug will be greatly appreciated by anyone who has a penchant for play on words and a sweet tooth to go with it!

Now, just imagine the happy looks on faces of kids, and kids at heart, when they receive these creative, flavorful and fun Easter gifts! Or, even better, find them during the playful Egg Hunts!

Find your perfect Weaver Nut Sweets & Snacks Easter gift right here.

Have a happy Valentine’s and a wonderful Easter, everyone!

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